Major Massachusetts art theft news broke on March 11, 1967
In my neverending quest to learn more about art thievery, I happened upon a big Massachusetts art theft about which I had never before heard. It took me…

December 2022

Who exactly is Pedro Charles?
How internet sleuths hinder investigations

November 2022

My campaign, and my life as a candidate, ended forever two weeks ago. Some of you know that I worked full-time while running for statewide office this…

June 2022

Crimes against art never end

January 2022

Some introspection is in order.

September 2021

Henk Bieslijn turns himself in for his role in last month's failed Monet heist
On the 20th anniversary on 9/11, I’m re-sharing my most popular post.

June 2021

A faked document in Mrs. Gardner's collection of letters

May 2021

It's not just about theft. Far from it.

February 2021

Massachusetts is home to the most legendary heists